Purpose of FELLOWSHIP & OTHER TITLES and Meaning

FELLOW MEMBERSHIP is the highest grade of membership in the organization. FELLOW MEMBERSHIPs are meant to encourage members toward the field of professional research.

Unlike scholarships, which offer financial assistance for school and college levels of education, FELLOW MEMBERSHIPs offer professional aid to members to get ahead in their careers after completing their graduation or post-graduation. These can be short-term or long-term depending on the requirement of the program applied for.

The fellow is the highest grade amongst the CEV Members category eligible to use designatory words FCEV in their name. The fellow is awarded based on the knowledge, contribution, and experience of the person in the respective engineering field after due scrutiny of the application by a board of eminent personalities.

Both government and private organizations offer FELLOW MEMBERSHIPs to allow members to get deeper insights into their respective fields of interest.

These FELLOW MEMBERSHIPs are designed for individuals who have completed desired qualifications, but who want additional time to devote to study and research. Some postdoc FELLOW MEMBERSHIPs provide funding for deep-dive courses on a narrow academic discipline so that scholars can become experts on a technical but highly important subject. Other FELLOW MEMBERSHIPs subsidize the cost of an ambitious academic project. Many FELLOW MEMBERSHIPs require fellows to teach courses and conduct research. The most generous postdoc FELLOW MEMBERSHIPs provide funding for both coursework and extracurricular projects.

Experts say obtaining a FELLOW MEMBERSHIP not only allows aspiring members to gain the professional means necessary to achieve their academic goals,

Having a FELLOW MEMBERSHIP on a resume sets a candidate apart in the academic job market, according to experts, and pursuing a FELLOW MEMBERSHIP also allows people to develop new skills. Experts say obtaining a FELLOW MEMBERSHIP not only allows aspiring members to gain the professional means necessary to achieve their academic goals, it also helps them bolster their professional reputation as scholars.


Following are the guidelines and process for FELLOW MEMBERSHIP


The applicant shall be eligible for FELLOW MEMBERSHIP of different types of assets as under:

  • Land and Building,
  • Plant & Machinery,
  • Securities or Financial Assets/ Stocks in Trade,
  • Agricultural Land,
  • Gold Appraisal

depending upon the educational qualification he possesses.


A person shall be eligible to be granted a FELLOW MEMBERSHIP of the organization if he-

i. is a member of the Council of Engineers and Valuers for more than 1 years
ii. possesses the qualifications and experience as detailed in Annexure-I
iii. is not a minor
iv. has not been declared to be of unsound mind
v. is not an undischarged bankrupt, or has not applied to be adjudicated as a bankrupt
vi. is a person resident in India in case of individual
 vii. has not been convicted by any competent court for an offense punishable with imprisonment or for an offense involving moral turpitude, and a period of five years has not elapsed from the date of expiry of the sentence: Provided that if a person has  been convicted of any offense and sentenced in respect thereof to imprisonment for a period of seven years or more, he shall not be eligible to be registered
  viii. has not been levied a penalty under section 271J of Income-tax Act, 1961 (43 of 1961) and time limit for filing appeal before Commissioner of Income-tax (Appeals) or Income-tax Appellate Tribunal, as the case may be has expired, or such penalty has been confirmed by Income-tax Appellate Tribunal, and five years have not elapsed after levy of such penalty; and

is a fit and proper person:

Explanation─ For determining whether an individual is a fit and proper person the FELLOW MEMBERSHIP authorities may take account of any relevant consideration, including but not limited to the following criteria-

a)     integrity, reputation and character

b)     absence of convictions and restraint orders, and

c)     competence and financial solvency

No Partnership entity or Company shall be eligible to be as fellow if-

 (i) it has been set up for objects other than for rendering professional or financial services, including FELLOW MEMBERSHIP services, and that in the case of a company, it is a subsidiary, joint venture or associate of another company or body corporate
(ii) it is undergoing an insolvency resolution or is an undischarged bankrupt
(iii) all the partners or directors, as the case may be are not ineligible under sub-clauses (ii) to (x) of clause 2.2 (a) above
(iv) Lead directors in case of companies and all the partners in case of partnership firms  undertaking FELLOW MEMBERSHIPs do not fulfill the criteria of qualification and experience
(v) none of its partners or directors, as the case may be, fulfills the criteria of qualification and experience in the asset class for the FELLOW MEMBERSHIP

In view of the above, a member shall be eligible for FELLOWSHIP & OTHER TITLES MEMBERSHIP as hereunder:

Educational Qualifications of a fellow as per Annexure-I  Type of fellow Post Qualification Experience
Graduation & above Registered   with IBBI 3 YEARS
Graduation & above Registered under section 34AB of Wealth Tax Act, 1957 3 YEARS
Graduation and above who are neither registered with IBBI nor registered under section 34AB of Wealth Tax Act, 1957 5 YEARS
Diploma and other than Graduation or Post Graduation (Junior FELLOW MEMBERSHIP) who are neither registered with IBBI nor     registered under section 34AB of Wealth Tax Act, 1957 8 YEARS
Gold Appraisal Completed Gold Appraisal training program from PPDC, Ministry of MSME, GOI 5 YEARS

Qualifications and Experience

It is necessary that an applicant possesses proper educational qualifications which make him competent to carry out the task of FELLOW MEMBERSHIP. In addition, relevant work experience is also important. Educational Qualifications and Work Experience required for persons eligible for FFELLOWSHIP & OTHER TITLES MEMBERSHIP as FELLOWSHIP & OTHER TITLES MEMBERSHIP is detailed in  Annexure-I.


The applicant shall be a member in the Council of Engineers for more than one year, and submit a certificate of membership.

Minimum/ Maximum Age requirement

Age is an important criterion while granting FELLOWSHIP & OTHER TITLES MEMBERSHIP. The minimum age for FELLOWSHIP & OTHER TITLES MEMBERSHIP with us shall be 25 years and the maximum age limit for a fellow to remain on the FELLOWSHIP & OTHER TITLES MEMBERSHIP shall be of no limit.

Other Conditions

In addition to the above, the other conditions to be fulfilled by the members for    FELLOWSHIP & OTHER TITLES MEMBERSHIP are as under:

  • The applicant has not been removed/ dismissed from any related service (previous employment) earlier.
  • The applicant has not been found guilty of misconduct in professional
  • The applicant is not an undischarged
  • The applicant has not been convicted of an offense connected with any proceeding under the Income Tax Act 1961, Wealth Tax Act 1957 or Gift Tax Act
  • The applicant possesses a PAN Card number/ GST number as
  • The applicant has not been convicted of any offense and sentenced to a term of
  • At the time of FELLOW MEMBERSHIP, the applicant shall give a declaration- cum-undertaking to this effect as prescribed in Annexure-IV.


A detailed notice for existing members would be hosted on CEV’s Website, seeking applications from interested applicants for FELLOWSHIP & OTHER TITLES MEMBERSHIP. Intending FELLOWSHIP & OTHER TITLES MEMBERSHIP seeking members can submit applications around the year confirming Qualifications & Experience as per Annexure-I

All such applications should be received in the prescribed format in Annexure-II and documents to be obtained as prescribed in Annexure-III. The documents list is illustrative and not The Organisation may call for such other evidence as may be considered necessary for verifying the eligibility or competence of the   Fellow.

The application format will be made available on the CEV’s website

Scrutiny & Due Diligence

The applicant shall submit the application form along with relevant enclosures/ documents to the nearest branch, etc.

These organizations on receipt of the application form from the applicant, after preliminary scrutiny and due diligence, shall forward the same with the recommendations, through controlling authority, to committees at respective organization chapters falling under that geographical area within 15 days from the date of

In addition to the process of FELLOW MEMBERSHIP of the applicant for FELLOW MEMBERSHIP based on the Certificates, Documents, Reference Letters, provided by the applicant, the organization chapters shall also undertake the following process:

    • Visit to be made to the office of the applicant either by the team processing the application or by the branch nearest to the office of the applicant, as a part of due diligence Visit Report duly signed by of branch/ Centre Head to be kept on record.
    • The quality of services provided by the applicant in the previous instances needs to be verified.
    • The processing team should invariably seek an opinion letter from the Organisations/FIs/NBFCs issuing Experience Certificate/ Reference Letter by sending a Registered Letter to the same, requesting for the information within 10 days. The conduct/ performance of the applicant as given in the opinion letter should be at least “Satisfactory”. Copy of the Letter issued and the Opinion letter should be kept on record. Organization chapters may contact the issuing authority, in case of non-receipt of confirmation in writing within 10 days, record the deliberations and decide appropriately.
    • The genuineness of the PAN Card/Aadhaar card/GSTIN Number should be independently verified from the sites of the Government of India. Post verification, all KYC documents need to be self-attested.
    • On receipt of the application at the committees, the applications of the FELLOW MEMBERSHIP shall undergo final scrutiny and if found suitable it may be recommended to HEADQUARTER for approval.


  • The duration of FELLOW MEMBERSHIP shall be for a period of three (5) years (January- December) including the year of FELLOW MEMBERSHIP. (e.g. if a fellow is granted in the month of June 2020 his FELLOW MEMBERSHIP shall be valid up to December 2025).
  • However, the performance of the Fellow shall be reviewed annually by the organization. If the performance is found to be not satisfactory, the fellow can be de-paneled at the discretion of the
  • In respect of a Fellow who has completed 5 years of FELLOW MEMBERSHIP and wishes to continue, the entity has to approach the organization at least three months before the expiry of the term of FELLOW MEMBERSHIP.
  • For Renewal of the FELLOW MEMBERSHIP of the entity, Organisation and the granted Entity shall follow the same process as applicable to the fresh FELLOW MEMBERSHIP.

Compliance with Standards and Procedures/Methodologies

All FELLOW MEMBERSHIP granted with the Organisation shall comply and abide by the standards and procedures laid down in the Policy. The applicant shall undertake compliance with the Code of Conduct at the time of FELLOW MEMBERSHIP.

The FELLOWSHIP & OTHER TITLES MEMBERSHIP programs may be hard to get but are associated with many benefits including:

  1. Practical Experience – The unique responsibilities and project work associated with a FELLOW MEMBERSHIP program will help you develop the skills and experience required to work in a real job. Many employers consider the FELLOW MEMBERSHIP in lieu of entry-level work experience. This may help you get a better job after graduation.
  2. Professional Development – FELLOW MEMBERSHIP programs also offer extensive professional development opportunities to graduate students. You will learn public speaking, community organization, grant writing, media relations, and leadership skills. You will participate in seminars and conferences across the globe.
  3. Financial Support – FELLOW MEMBERSHIP programs are also associated with monetary benefits. Most eligible EWS members receive 10,000 to 25,000 for a 24 to 48-month program. This is a significant allowance and is usually equivalent to a part-time job.
  4. Additional Incentives – Many organizations offering FELLOW MEMBERSHIP programs also provide additional incentives such as health insurance and housing. The extent of compensation and the type of incentives depending on the terms of the program.
  5. Research – FELLOW MEMBERSHIPs are great for members who wish to pursue research in a specific field. The award will not only provide you with technical/financial assistance, it can also add credibility to your research and inspire other organizations and foundations to fund you as well.
  6. Personal Confidence – Winning a prestigious FELLOW MEMBERSHIP will ultimately boost your confidence, and motivate you to take up leadership positions at top institutions, universities, or corporations.

The application process for FELLOWSHIP & OTHER TITLES MEMBERSHIPs is usually complicated. The competition is tough as well. Most organizations receive hundreds of applications. Hence, it is important to focus on your grades and be among the top of the top in your class for a successful bid.


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