How can the Professionals Club help in choosing the best CA & other Professionals near you?

How the Professionals Club is helping in choosing the best CA & other Professionals near you?

You can search for Professionals on the basis of your location, popularity, ratings & reviews on Professional Club. To get the best offers from businesses listed with Professionals Club Directory, click on the Best Deals tab beside listings and fill up the requirements. Businesses will contact with their best offers. You can negotiate with them. You can now chat with businesses and get multiple quotes in a jiffy on the Valuers World Android under development.

Professional guidance from CA can help maintain the good financial health of any business

A Chartered Accountant is an accounting professional who is certified by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) which is a statutory body that regulates and maintains the profession of chartered accountancy in India. Students who clear all three levels of the Chartered Accountant course are certified by ICAI with the designation of a CA. Chartered Accountants are certified to handle matters related to accounting and taxation of a business which includes filing tax returns, maintaining records of investments, auditing financial statements and business practices, and preparing and reviewing financial documents and reports. They also offer advisory services to companies and individuals.

A CA will set up and monitor the accounting system in a business organization and recommend suggestions and changes that need to be implemented by the business owner or organizations. Every person in the country, whether a small trader, small or big partnership firm, salaried individuals, charitable trusts, or corporate houses, who is involved in activities that generate profits, needs a CA to maintain books of accounts, file income tax, and GST returns and help the businesses take best financial decisions under the legal framework.

A chartered accountant provides tailor-made solutions to help reconstruct the business procedures or augment the financial process flow of a business organization. The success of a business, especially a start-up business depends on the uniqueness of the concept, strategic planning, and execution of the plan, utilization of marketing tools, proper management of finance, and implementation of policies and regulations complied by the government rules and regulations. A chartered accountant provides apt financial advice that is best suited for the success of a business.

Services provided by chartered accountants

Starting up a business or running an existing business requires managerial skills and expert advice to deal with several legal formalities, policies, and procedures at the state and national level, especially if conducting business operations in PAN India. CA provide financial guidance and expert advice to deal with all legal business formalities like audits, financial accounts management, taxation, GST registration and filing of the return, and other services that ensure smooth business operations.

Accounting audits

Auditing of the book of accounts involves verification of accounts by a certified chartered accountant who can be appointed as an auditor by a company or business organization to check the veracity of transactions recorded in the books of accounts. A Chartered Accountant verifies all books, vouchers, documents, and accounts and prepares an audit report authenticating facts about the financial transactions registered and conducted by the business during the financial year.


Chartered Accountants offer tax compliance services to corporate and individual business promoters for management of direct and indirect taxes, excise, service tax, and other relevant taxes that any business organization conducting business with an intention to make profits is compelled to pay. This service includes tax administration, computation of tax, filing income tax returns and GST returns, and advising the organization about ways to save tax and channel their financial resources to ensure maximum revenue from the investments.

Cost Accountancy

Cost accountancy is the application of account management to understand the fixed and variable costs that are incurred in manufacturing, storing, and distributing goods. CA Jalandhar has, assisted business organizations in measuring and recording actual costs incurred at different levels of business operations. Through cost accountancy they explain to business organizations about the total amount spent at each stage of manufacturing, transporting, and distributing the goods to the consumer market as well as the products, departments or services are operating at good profits and the ones that are registering a loss or low profits.

Company’s secretarial work

Chartered accountants offer secretarial services to small companies or start-up companies that are unable to afford the services of a full-time secretary due to their scale of business operations.

Formulate business plans

The strategic understanding of business and taxation policies revolving around it makes it easier for chartered accountants to formulate new business development plans or fine-tune the working capabilities of an existing business to optimize the yields for the business, company, or organization.

Merger and acquisition

Mergers of companies or acquisitions of a company is one of the most complex processes in the business world that involves strategic planning, comprehensive tax planning, and the involvement of an expert tax planner like a chartered accountant who can plan and take care of complexities arising during the merger or acquisition process.

Approximate fees charged by chartered accountants

Type of service Approximate fee charged
Drafting partnership deeds/agreement Rs.5,250 onwards
Service tax registration Rs.7,500 onwards
GST registration Rs.5,000 onwards
Filling of TDS/TCS Rs.1,500 onwards

Please Note: Prices mentioned are indicative.

How Professionals Club is helping you find the best CA nearby?

The success of a business to a great extent depends on how well the finances are handled, utilized, and maintained by the business firm or organization. Of the many aspects that contribute to the success of a business, timely financial advice or solution provided by a chartered accountant plays a significant role in efficiently maintaining the operational efficiencies of the company. They maintain financial accounts of a business or an organization systematically and are part of the core team that is involved in crucial financial decisions.

Chartered Accountants ensure that the business firm or organization is legally compliant and follows all regulatory policies and procedures set by the state and central government while conducting all business activities and operations. They maintain data about current and past economic decisions taken by the organization and the impact it had on the business along with finances required to fuel futuristic growth prospects of the business.

Often business owners or individuals who require immediate legal assistance on financial matters search for ‘chartered accountants near me’ to access information about chartered accountants who can provide a solution that can bail them out of the situation. You can trust Professionals Club, especially in an emergency situation to provide you with information about Chartered Accountants that are available within close proximity of your area. You can also get the following information:

• Ways to contact the Chartered Accountant and their office address

• Services provided by the Chartered Accountants nearby

• Experience they hold

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What services do CA offer?

Accounting audits, filing taxes, GST compliance, etc. are some of the services that chartered accountants offer.

2. How does a CA manage the company’s finances?

Chartered accountants are experts who carefully craft the company’s finances by keeping a balance between the fixed and variable costs. They deeply analyze the expenditure of the company and suggest ways to boost the profit ratio.

3. Can be chartered accountants help in the company acquisition process?

Acquisition of a company is a complex process that is skillfully managed and planned by chartered accountants who handle any complexities arising during the acquisition process.

4. What are the responsibilities of a chartered accountant?

A chartered accountant is responsible for drafting monthly and annual financial reports, ensuring compliance with state revenue services, monitoring and releasing online payments of the company, managing the company’s expenses, etc.

5. How will be hiring a CA help me?

Chartered accountants are professionally trained experts who will help you in growing your business, handling income tax, year-end reporting, and assisting you in several other aspects of your business and finances.

6. Do CA offer online consultation?

Most chartered accountants offer video consultation services for matters that require immediate attention.

7. What is the fees charged by chartered accountants for GST registration?

The approximate fees charged by CA for GST registration start from Rs. 5,000.

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