Appointment of Valuation Professionals of Two Hydro Projects

Appointment of Professional Consultant for due diligence and Valuation of Two Hydro Projects Namely Demwe HEP (1750 MW) and Kalai-II HEP (1200 MW) in Lohit Basin of Arunachal Pradesh.”

LAST DATE-21/02/2022

Notes :
1. Bids are invited through e-tendering by uploading and submitting the same on CPP (Central Public Procurement) e-procurement Portal website –
2. The complete Bidding Document is available on CPP e-procurement Portal website The bidders may download the Bidding Documents accordingly after vendor registration.
3. All future amendments/corrigendum/addenda/clarifications, if any, shall be uploaded on the website only.

Bidders shall keep themselves updated with all such amendments/corrigendum/addenda/clarifications.
4. The bidders are advised to visit two targeted hydro project sites, at their own cost and familiarize themselves with the site conditions.
5. The Bids are invited under Single Stage Single-Part Bid System. The Bid is to be uploaded & submitted on CPP e-procurement Portal website - only in the prescribed format. No hard copy of the Bid shall be accepted.
However, certain documents (as specified in Clause No. 9.0 of Section-2) are to be submitted in physical form also on or before the due date & time of bid opening at the address given below.

6. The Bid shall be opened in presence of the bidders who choose to be present.
7. Conditional Bid may run the risk of rejection.
8. Bidders are requested to go through the complete Tender Documents before submission of their proposal/bid. Clarification, if any, may be obtained on the tender document before 07 days in advance of bid submission date.
9. Any combination of Firms/Applicants in form of Joint Venture(JV) or Consortium is not permitted.
10. The Bidding Documents are not transferable. The tender shall be submitted only in prescribed form.
11. The Work is to be executed in line with the terms and conditions mentioned in the tender document.
12. Notwithstanding anything stated above, the owner i.e THDC India Limited reserves the right to accept or reject any or all the bids or split and to assess the capacity and capability of the bidder, in the overall interest of THDC India Limited, without assigning any reason whatsoever.
For further details please contact :
General Manager (Contracts),
THDC India Limited,
Pragati Bhawan, Pragati Puram, Bye Pass Road,
Rishikesh-249201, (Uttarakhand)

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