Brick Hammer

Brick hammer is used to cut the bricks and also  used to push the bricks if they come out of the  course line.


Chisel is generally used in wood work and this  must be useful to remove the concrete bumps or  excess concrete in hardened surface.


Circular Saw

Circular saw used to cut the wood  boards, frames etc. It is used when  accurate cutting is required in less  time. It is safer than hand saw.

Concrete Mixer

Concrete mixer is machine which mixes the  ingredients water, fine aggregate, coarse  aggregate and cement to deliver the perfectly  mixed concrete


crowbar is used for digging the ground and to  remove the roots of trees in the ground, nails etc.

Digging Bar

Digging bar is solid metal rod with pin shape at  the bottom. It is also used to dig the hard surfaces  of ground.


Float is made of wood which is used to smoothen  the plastered concrete surface. It contains handle  on its top and smooth wooden surface on its  bottom.

Head Pan

Head pan is made of iron which is used to lift the  excavated soil or cement or concrete to the  working site etc. it is more commonly used in  construction sites.


Hoe is also used to excavate the soil but in this  case the metal plate is provided with acute angle  to the wooden handle.

Plumb Bob

Plumb bob is used to check the verticality of  structures. It contains a solid metal bob connected to  the end of a thread. It is also used inn surveying to  level the instrument position.

Plumb Rule

Plumb rule is used to check the vertical line of wall  whether it is perfect vertical or not. It contains a  straight wood board with uniform edges. On its  center a groove is provided in which plumb bob is  situated. When the rule is placed vertically with the  wall the plumb bob should be in the groove line  otherwise the wall will not be vertical.

Earth Rammer

After the excavation of ground, the lower surface  may be uneven. To level the surface earth rammer is  used. It contains big square shaped block at its end  with which the ground is leveled.


Trowel is used to lift and apply the cement mortar in  small quantities. It is made of steel and wooden  handle is provided for holding. The ends of trowel  may be pointed or bull nosed.


Vibrator is used to compact the concrete by this the  air gaps are filled with water and workability varies  without adding water to it.

Putty Knife

Putty knife is used level the putty finishing and also  used to reduce the thickness of finish when it is more  thick.

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