Many types of cement are available in markets with different compositions and for use in different environments.

1. Ordinary portland cement

      This type of cement is used in construction where there is no exposure to sulphate in the soil or groundwater. Ordinary Portland Cement is also known as OPC is a type of cement that is manufactured and used worldwide. Ordinary Portland cement is also used to manufacture grout, wall putty, solid concrete blocks, AAC blocks, and different types of cement

2. Rapid hardening cement

Its 3-day strength is the same as 7 days strength of OPC. Rapid Hardening Cement is made when finely grounded C3S is displayed in OPC with higher concrete.
It is commonly used in rapid constructions like the construction pavement.

3. Low heat cement

     Reduce and delay the heat of hydration. This low heat cement is used in mass concrete construction like gravity dams. It is important to know that it is less reactive and the initial setting time is greater than OPC.

4. Sulphate resisting cement

Its strength in the early days is less and hence it required a longer curing period. It proves to be economical as slag . This type of cement is manufactured to resist sulfate attacks in concrete. It has a lower percentage of Tricalcium aluminate.

5. Pozzolanic cement

This cement has a higher resistance to chemical agencies and to seawater because of the absence of lime. To prepare PPC or Portland Pozzolana cement, you need to grind pozzolanic clinker with Portland cement.PPC has a high resistance to different chemical assaults on concrete.

6. Coloured cement

The cement of the desired colour may be obtained by mixing mineral pigments with ordinary cement.

7. Expansive Cement

This type of cement is produced by adding an expanding medium and a stabilizing agent to the ordinary cement. It is used for the construction of water retaining structures.

8. High alumina cement

This cement is produced by adding clinkers formed by calcining bauxite and lime. It evolves greatly during the setting. To be considered high alumina cement, the total amount of alumina content should be at least 32%, and the ratio of the weight of alumina to lime should be kept between 0.85 to 1.30.

9. White Cement

This type of cement is manufactured by using raw materials that are free from iron and oxide. White cement needs to have lime and clay in a higher proportion. It is similar to OPC but it is more expensive.

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