Format for Application for Empanelment in Custodian of Enemy Properties of India (CEPI)

Format for Application for Empanelment in Custodian of Enemy Properties of India (CEPI)


B. Kanaga Sabapathy

Question :

For the purpose of valuation of Enemy properties, I want to get empanelled with the Custodian of Enemy Properties of India (CEPI). Is there any standard format of application for empanelment? If yes, please share. If not, can you suggest me a suitable format?

Opinion :

I don’t think CEPI has prescribed any format of empanelment or format of valuation. If you are not able to design your own format, I suggest the following for your guidance. You may suitably modify according to your purpose.


1. Name :

2. Date of birth :

3. Educational qualification :

4. PAN :

5. Membership in institutions :
connected with valuation

6. Membership in other institutions :

7. Date of registration :
i) Under Section 34AB of :
Wealth Tax Act
ii) Under Companies Act :
iii) Under Black Money Act :

8. Average gross income from :
valuation for the past 5 years

9. Details of empanelment with :
other organisations

10. Average value of the properties :
in Crores for the past 5 years


1. I declare that the particulars given as above are correct to the best of my knowledge.

2. I assure you that I will adhere to professional ethics and maintain code of conduct.


Enclosure : (Photostat copies self-attested)

1. Degree certificate.
2. Membership certificates.
3. Registration letter in CBDT / Companies Act / Black Money Act. 4. Letters of Empanelment with bank, etc.

Note: The above format is suggested by me only for the overall guidance. The valuer may suitably modify the format depending on his requirement.


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