Traffic signs are placed along roadways and in construction sites in order to warn and guide drivers, as well to help regulate the flow of traffic for drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists. All traffic signs, including construction signs and parking lot signs, are designed to provide a simple and clear message. Traffic signs provide the necessary information and warn of potential dangers. They are an important part of keeping drivers and pedestrians safe on the road. The Bedrock expert team can assist you if you are unsure why traffic signs are important or which traffic signs will work best in your construction site.

Before traffic signs can be installed on a road, a municipality or construction company will hire an engineer to conduct a study to determine whether certain signs are necessary or even useful in a given location. When traffic signs aren’t placed correctly, they can actually cause more traffic accidents instead of preventing them. In order to avoid confusion for drivers operating a vehicle in unfamiliar areas, traffic signs are kept fairly consistent in every country.

Requirement and Importance to Know Traffic Signs in India

It is required to know the traffic signs and road safety in India when applying for a driving license. An oral or written test has to be given to get a license to drive in India and thus, knowing the traffic rules and signs in India with their meanings is necessary. Driving without a valid license is a criminal offense. Traffic rules and signs are important because of the following reasons:

  • Ensures smooth traffic as it informs the driver about the correct lanes to drive in
  • Knowing traffic rules in India reduces the number of accidents by ensuring discipline of the roads
  • Provide instructions and information on the road condition ahead
  • All information about important curves and junctions, the presence of school and hospitals and speed limits is provided
  • The traffic rules and signs inform the driver about entry and exit points and about parking areas
  • Provides drivers to follow the traffic rules in India and about potential dangers on the road

Mandatory Traffic Signs

Mandatory traffic signs in India are made to ensure the traffic moves freely. With the knowledge of these signs, the drivers come to know about the prohibitions and the rules and regulations which they need to keep in mind while driving on the road. If any of the traffic rules are violated, it is considered to be an offence. Some of the mandatory traffic signs are “Stop”, “No Entry”, “One Way”, “Right Turn Prohibited”, “Speed Limit” etc. These are the signs that should be known to anyone as a violation of these can land one in trouble with the police.

Cautionary Traffic Signs

These are the road signs in India which are made to inform the driver about the potential dangers and the hazards on the road. This ensures the driver is more careful and is also mentally prepared for any problems that he may face. Some of the examples of these signs are, “Pedestrian Crossing”, “Narrow road ahead”, “Hair Pin Bend”, “Round About” etc. The traffic signs and symbols in Hindi are also available for people to understand the rules.

Informatory Signs

These are the Indian traffic signs with their meanings which inform the driver about distance, directions, alternative routes, destinations and important places like hospitals, schools etc.

One of the biggest concerns for the authorities in the country is the number of accidents. Due to this reason, many traffic rules and signs are being made and updated regularly to ensure better safety. Education and implementation of rules is a concern and thus, it is required that these are taught early on to the population. Anyone on the road should know about traffic rules in India along with signals so that they can be safe and ensure others around them are safe too. When anyone is on the road, they must pay attention to the traffic signs in India and be patient. This will avoid traffic jams and reduce the number of accidents.

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