A Beam is a horizontal structural element that runs horizontally to withstand vertical load coming off the building frame. Beam takes the load & distribute it to ends and transfer to column, wall, posts on both sides of the beam. it only withstands laterally applied loads on the axis of the beam.


1. Cantilever beam

A beam which is fixed at one end and free at the other end, is known as cantilever beam.

2. Simply Supported beam

A beam supported or resting freely on the supports at its both ends, is known as simply supported beam. This beam is generally experienced both bending and shearing and sometimes translational moment only when the roller end is used.

3. Overhanging Beam

If the end portion of a beam is extended beyond the support, such beam is known as overhanging beam.

4. Fixed Beam

A beam whose both ends are fixed or built-in walls, is known as fixed beam. A fixed beam is also known as a built-in or encastred beam.

5. Continuous Beam

A beam which is provided more than two supports is known as continuous beam. These types of the beam have more than one span.  Continuous beam is most commonly used in bridge construction. A beam of this type has more than two supports along its length.

6. Steel Beam

Steel beams are strong, durable and high-strength material compares to other construction materials. Steel beams are used in different types of construction like building, workshops, steel roof trusses, bridges, ropeway, etc.

7. Trussed Beam

When the beam is reinforced with a truss, it is called a trussed beam. These types of beams are used mostly for making workshop sheds, warehouse sheds, and where there is a need for a long span and open space.

8. Precast Concrete Beam

The Precast beams are those which are cast or manufactured in a plant and away from the structure in a very controlled environment, and ideal conditions are provided to castings to ensure the maximum strength of the beam.

9. Lintel Beam

Lintel beams are generally provided on the top of the door, window, and ventilation frame. It has main function is to restrict the load that can act on the door and window frame.It distributes the load from the upper part to the sidewall on which it is supported. The lintel beam is one of the essential components of the beam.

10. Composite Beam

It is a structural component that is made by using two different materials joined together to act as a unit.An example in building construction, there is steel and concrete composite beam used. This concrete slab is attached with a steel wide flange.

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