Rusting and corrosion both are oxidation reactions. Corrosion occurs over a wide range of objects while rusting is limited as it occurs only on iron. We can say rusting is a type of corrosion or most common example of corrosion as rusting of iron objects is very commonly found.

Rusting is oxidation of iron or iron objects. It takes place in the presence of air and moisture. It is a slow process. Due to rusting, rust is formed on iron objects. It is a red-orange colored iron oxide which is formed by the oxidation of iron in presence of oxygen and moisture or water.


It is basically defined as a natural process that causes the transformation of pure metals into undesirable substances when they react with substances like water or air. This reaction causes damage and disintegration of the metal starting from the portion of the metal exposed to the environment and spreading to the entire bulk of the metal.

Corrosion is usually an undesirable phenomenon since it negatively affects the desirable properties of the metal. For example, iron is known to have good tensile strength and rigidity (especially alloyed with a few other elements).

Difference Between Rust and Corrosion
Corrosion Rust
Corrosion is the process of deterioration of materials as a result of chemical, electrochemical or other reactions. Rusting is a part of corrosion and is a chemical process which results in the formation of red or orange coating on the surface of metals.
Corrosion can occur on different surfaces such as skin, wood, metals, etc. Rusting usually occurs on surfaces of iron and its alloys.
Corrosion can occur when the substance is exposed to air or some chemicals. Rusting mainly occurs when a metal is exposed to air and moisture.
Corrosion results in the formation of the oxides of metal or salts. Only iron oxide is formed when rusting takes place.
Corrosion can occur in materials like polymers and ceramics and this type is known as degradation. Rust or rusting can affect only iron and its alloys.
Depending on the material, corrosion can emerge in different colors such as blue and green. Rust has an orange brown color.


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