File No. /………/………






File collected By:                                                    File Surveyed By: File Prepared By:

  1. Proposal or Ref. Number:
  2. Owner/ Applicant Name:                                                

Contact No.:                                 

  1. Type of Service: Valuation Report/ Estimate/ Other CE Certificates
  2. Documents Received: Any one ownership document and approved site plan/ map is must.
  • Ownership Documents  –  Sale  Deed,  Power  of  Attorney,  Will,  Relinquishment  Deed, Transfer Deed, Conveyance Deed, Allotment Letter, Possession Letter
  • Agreement to Sell.
  • Map – Cizra, Approved Map, Site Plan
  • Any other document: TIR Report, Old Valuation Report
  • None
  1. Bank/ Organization/ Financial Institution:
  2. Case received from: Name:_                                                     Contact No.                              
  3. Bill Paying Customer Information:
  • Organization:
  • Contact Person:                                                     Contact Information:                                
  • Email Address:                                                
  • Reporting Manager Name/ Contact/ Email:                                                                            
  • Address:                                                                                                                                   
  1. Who will coordinate on site for the site Survey:

Name:                                                / Contact No.                                 Relation:                      

  1. Tentative time of survey:
  2. Payment Settled:
  3. Advance Amount:

(50% of advance in case of private party valuations/ Minimum Rs.1500/=)

  1. Comments if any:

I agree to pay the amount mentioned above for the preparation of Valuation Report. I agree that I’ll not put pressure on Valuer firm to distort any facts or value and would not try to influence any member or official of the firm in the ill spirit or vested interest and benefit to one individual or organization by any means.

Customer Signature:


  1. Please do not accept the case if you don’t have proper documents.
  2. Firstly please take & study the current applicable ownership documents of the property which needs to get surveyed. Mark the Owner/ Area/ Boundaries mentioned in the ownership documents with bold florescent marker pen before moving for the survey. During site survey if any difference is found in the above fields from the ownership documents then please contact the  owner  immediately  to  know  the  reason  for  the difference.
  3. Identify the Property clearly by matching the boundaries and area mentioned in the property papers.
  4. Take Google Map location.
  5. Take one photograph of the property along with abutting road.
  6. Take nearby photographs of the Property.
  7. Check Jurisdiction Municipal Limits & Ward Name.
  8. Fill the details in the Survey form and Circle the appropriate option clearly.
  9. In case customer is found providing misleading information to you or trying to influence you by money or cash then immediately report to the Management & Bank.


File No. IE/LDH/……/…………         Date:                                           



  • Name of the Surveyor:
  • Property shown by: Owner/ Representative/ No one available
  • Survey Type: Full survey (inside-out with measurements & photographs)/ Half Survey

(Measurements from outside & photographs)/ Only photographs taken (No measurements)

  • Property Measurement: Self measured, Referred Map
  1. Legal Owner Name/s:
  2. Property Purchaser Name:
  3. Account Name: M/s
  4. Present Residence Address of the Owner/ Purchaser:
  5. Contact Number: Email Address:
  6. Purpose of Valuation: Housing Loan, Term Loan, Limit enhancement, Loan against Property, Project loan, Education Loan, Equity Loan, Capital gains Wealth Tax purpose, Stock loan, Partition, Merger & Acquisition, Distress sale for NPA a/c, Value Assessment
  7. Loan Amount:


  1. Property Address which has to be Valued:
  2. Boundaries of the property: (Match it with papers with the help of compass or Sun direction and also confirm it with nearby people)





  1. Landmark:
  2. Ward Name/ No.:
  3. Zone Name:
  4. Property Front Road Name & width:
  5. Main Road Name & Width:
  6. Road/ Area notification: Residential, Commercial, Mixed, Rural, Lal Dora, Not notified
  7. Location consideration: Corner/ 2 side Open/ 3 side Open/ Park Facing/ Road facing/ None


  1. Characteristics of the locality: Urban developed/ Urban under development/ Semi Urban/ Rural/ Backward/ Industrial/ Institutional
  2. Development prospects (Like nearby proposed Metro, proposed highway, Malls, Shopping

Centers, etc.):

  1. Proximity to civic amenities: School



Metro_               Railway Station_              


  1. Jurisdiction limits: Nagar Nigam, Nagar Panchayat, Gram Panchayat, Nagar Palika

Parishad, Not within any municipal limits

  2. Municipal Corporation/Council/Punchayat Name:
  3. Current activity done in the Property: Residential/ Commercial/ Office/ Institutional/ Industrial/ Vacant/ Locked


  1. Property Type: Multistoried Apartment Flat, Residential House, Low Rise Apartment, Residential Builder Floor, Commercial Land & Building, Commercial Office, Commercial Shop, Commercial Floor, Industrial, Institutional, School Building, Vacant Residential Plot, Vacant Industrial Plot, Agricultural Land
  2. Land Area: As per Title deed |  As per Map   |   As per site survey

…………………         ……………          …………………

  1. Covered Built-up Area: As per Title deed |  As per Map   |   As per site survey

…………………         ……………          …………………

  1. Property currently possessed by: Owner/ Vacant/ Lessee/ Under Construction/ Couldn’t be


  1. Is property  clearly  demarcated  with  permanent  boundaries?  –  Yes,  No,  Temporary boundaries
  2. Shape of the Land: Square, Rectangular, Trapezium, Triangular, Trapezoid, Irregular
  3. Total Number of Floors in the Building:
  4. Total Building Blocks (In case of Industrial/ Institutional):

(Use separate sheet to describe each block area, floor height & description)

  1. Total rooms or type of unit (In case of Residential):
  2. Building Type: RCC Framed Structure/ Load bearing Pillar Beam column/ Ordinary brick wall structure/ Iron trusses & Pillars/ Vacant Plot/ NA
  3. Year of construction/ Recent Improvements done: /                                
  4. Roof:
  5. Make: RBC/ RCC/ GI Shed/ Tin Shed/ Stone Patla b. Height:
  6. Finish: Simple plaster/ POP Punning/ POP False Ceiling/ Coved roof
  7. Flooring: Vitrified tiles/ Ceramic Tiles/ Simple marble/ Marble chips/ Mosaic/ Granite/ Italian

Marble/ Kota stone/ Wooden/ PCC/ Imported Marble/ Pavers/ Chequered Tiles/ Brick Tiles

  1. Appearance/ Condition of Building: Internal – Excellent/ Very Good/ Good/ Average/ Poor

External – Excellent/ Very Good/ Good/ Average/ Poor/ No construction

  1. Fixed Wooden Work: Excellent/ Very Good/ Good/ Simple/ Ordinary/ Average/ No wooden work/ NA
  2. Interior decoration: Excellent/ Very Good/ Good/ Simple/ Ordinary/ Average/ Below average/ NA
  3. Interior Finishing: Simple plastered walls/ Brick walls without plaster/ Designer textured walls/ POP punning/ Coved roof
  4. Exterior Finishing: Simple plastered walls/ Brick walls without plaster/ Architecturally designed or elevated/ Brick tile Cladding/ Structural glazing/ Aluminum composite panel cladding/ Glass facade/ Domb/ Porch
  5. Kitchen: Simple with no cupboard/ Ordinary with cupboard / Modular with chimney
  6. Class of Electrical fittings: External/ Internal | Ordinary fixtures & fittings/ Fancy lights/ Chandeliers/ Concealed lightning
  7. Class of Sanitary/ Plumbing & water supply fittings: External/ Internal

Excellent/ Very Good/ Good/ Simple/ Average/ Below average/ NA

  1. Water arrangements: Jet pump/ Submersible/ Jal board supply
  2. Lift/ elevators: Passenger/ Commercial | Make:_ | Capacity:                      
  3. Power backup: Inverter/ DG Set (Make/ Capacity: /                         _)/ None
  4. Garden/ Landscaping: Yes/ No | Beautiful/ Ordinary
  5. Boundary Wall (Only for individual property):
  6. Height:  b. Width                          c. Finish


Covered Area/ Floor Area/ Super Area/ Carpet Area

(Tick one on the basis of which valuation is to be calculated)

As per Documents                             As Per Sanctioned Plan                        As per Site Survey



I confirm that the property is inspected in front of me and I have provided all the information true to the best of my knowledge. I understand that any false information provided by me will lead to incorrect valuation report  and  I’d  be      solely  responsible  for  it  and  will  bear  the  charges for the changes/ modifications  which have to  undergo  due  to  the  false/wrong  information.  I  also  undertake  that  I  have n’ t  given  any cash  or  in  kind  to  any member  of   Innovative Engineers to influence the Value of the Property or favour any individual or organization and the same is not accepted or asked by the member of Innovative Engineers. Any such act will  lead  to cancellation of the material  prepared  by  Innovative Engineers  with  forfeiting  of  the  fees  and  i’ ll  be  completely  responsible  for  its  repercussions and legal actions taken for it.

Name: Signature:

Mobile No.:

IMPORTANT: We have not authorized any of our Member/Surveyor to take Cash or kind from the customers directly. In case Surveyor or any member of XYZABC asks for any money or kind from you kindly please inform on number +91————, ———— Our Valuation process is very stringent and has multiple check points to ensure correct & error free reports to keep the lending agency risk free. In case any member claims that he would be able to arbitrary effect the Valuation figures unfairly or as per your requirement & need then he is making a false claim to you and we request you to complaint such act immediately on the number provided above.


I confirm that I have done the Survey of the asset properly as per the fair professional best practices and Valuation & Survey policy guidelines set by the organization. I have not taken any cash or kind from the customer or given the customer any wrong or false information or have made any false claims for arbitrary providing the Asset Valuation as per one’s need or requirement. In case at any point of time it is found that I have done any kind of wrongful doing in this case then I understand of its legal consequences and action firm can take against me.

Surveyor Name: Signature:


Gather information on the basis of the factors like Area location, Property location, Floor level, Block, Position, Frontage, Width of lane/ road in front of the property, Nearby development

  1. A. At what True rate Owner bought this Property:

Year of purchase:

  1. B. Local Information gathered during Site survey (Minimum 2 is must):
  2. Name: Contact No.

Sale Purchase Rate: Rental Rate: Comments:

  1. Name: Contact No.

Sale Purchase Rate: Rental Rate: Comments:

  1. Name: Contact No.

Sale Purchase Rate: Rental Rate: Comments:

  1. C. Findings & Basis of the Value adopted by the Preparer:
  • Location
  • Frontage
  • Property Use
  • Nearby Development
  • Local information
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