Difference between Footing & Foundation

Difference between Foundation and Footing 

Foundation is a structure that transfers the loads from the superstructure to the ground, while a footing is a foundation that is in contact with the earth. A foundation can be shallow and deep, while a footing is a type of shallow foundation. so, all footings are foundations but all foundations cannot be footings.


Foundation is the part of the building framed structures, which is below the ground level, in which all loads are transferred


It is the lowest(bottom) part of the building foundation, which rests on subsoil(below), and distributes load to the ground. Footing may be made of any materials like concrete, rubble stone, bricks, etc. but usually, we will use concrete materials

Footing Foundation
1 The footing is a formation that is in contact with the ground. Foundation is a structure that transfers its gravity loads to earth from the superstructure.
2 Footing can be analogized with the feet of the leg. Foundation can be compared with legs.
3 The footing is a type of shallow foundation. Foundation can be shallow and deep.
4 Footing includes slab, rebar which are fabricated of brickwork, masonry or concrete. Foundation types include piles, caissons, footings, piers, lateral supports, and anchors.
5 Footing reinforces support to an individual column. Foundation is extensive support  because it gives support to a group of footings as an entire building
6 A number of footings repose on a foundation. Foundation is the support that bears all kinds of loadings.
7 A footing is under the foundation wall. Foundations are the basement walls.
8 Footing transmits loads directly to the soil. Foundation is in direct contact with the soil and transmits it to the ground.
9 All footings are foundations. Not all foundations are footings.


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