Certificate of conformity to structural safety

Certificate of conformity to structural safety

Details of the building for which the certificate is issued

Address                                              :

City/Town/Village: :

District                                               :

Name of the owner: ABC

StructuralDesigner Detail:

  1. Name of Engineer : XYZ
  2. Qualifications :
  • Complete Address: :
  1. E-Mail :
  2. Mobile no. :


I have inspected the above said building and various drawings provided by the owner. 

The detailed drawings of the various constructions along with structural components has been attached herewith.

The details of covered area on various floors is:

G.F. Covered Area                                    =————— sq. ft.

F.F. Covered Area                         =————— sq. ft.

Mummty Area                                = ————— sq.ft.

Total Covered area of all floors    =————–sq. ft.

The structural design has been checked in accordance with the provisions of the National Building Code and the relevant Bureau of Indian Standard Codes (with latest amendments) including Bureau of Indian Standard Codes for structures resistant to earthquakes and other natural hazards. The local soil conditions, its load bearing capacity and the underground water table etc. have been kept in view while designing the same.

It has been found to be in order.

The responsibility of Structural Consultant shall be limited to checking of structural design calculations and drawings only. All procedural/legal/operational matters and architectural/functional details will be the responsibility of the owner.

From the inspection and checking of all structural design, I certify that, I am of the considered opinion that the structure of the said premises appears in sound condition as on date and that its /their stability will not be endangered by its/their continued use for which the building was intended if maintained properly.


Signature of Owner

Mobile no.



Signature of Structural Engineer

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