AGREEMENT COPY BETWEEN CONTRACTOR AND CLIENT

This DEED OF AGREEMENT made on DATE by and between Mr X, W/o ____ (hereinafter called the “LANDOWNERS” and include their heirs, Successors, executors, administrators, legal representatives, assigns etc.)  Of the FIRST PART,


ABC CONSTRUCTION (Prop.ABCD) ADDRESS (hereinafter called the “BUILDER” and his heirs, Successors, executors, administrators, legal representatives, assigns etc.,) of the SECOND PART.

WHEREAS the party of the Second Part ‘the Builder’ has agreed to carry out construction of a Four storied Commercial building with stilt floor on the plot of land at————————— on behalf of the Land Owners on the terms and conditions, as per structural Plan &specifications set out hereunder against consideration agreed to between the parties and fully set out hereunder.


  1. The builder will construct the building on the said plot of land in conformity with the Architectural plans, Structural drawings, Elevations and specifications as planned in accordance with the owner and builder which are fully set out and described in the schedule of finishes.
  2. The owner shall be entitled to inspect the progress of the construction work and materials used for the construction and they shall be entitled to point out to the builder any defects in the construction work, quality of workmanship or materials used when such defective work is in progress or being executed or such material is brought on site. The builder is to rectify at their own cost the defect in the said construction work or remove such defective materials and the same shall be rectified or removed by the builders as directed.
  3. Panel box with electrical wiring works and municipal water connection in the building will be executed at the cost of the Builder, Electricity meter, security, deposits and service connection charges, water charges, will be borne by the “LAND OWNERS” as pertaining to their flat or proportionate share of such total common cost.
  4.  The parties herein agreed by fixing a rate of construction at Rs.2500 /- sqft. The total cost of construction will be determined at the end of the project by measuring the builtup area of all the floors.
  5.  The “LANDOWNERS” shall bear the cost of any addition/alteration in the building and structure or any changes which may be needed to Schedule “A” hereto,
  6.  The “BUILDER” herein agreed to complete the construction of the work and hand – over vacant possession of the House as agreed in Schedule “A” hereto.
  7.  The parties have fully understood the nature, contents and purpose of the terms and conditions as spelt out in the different clause of this agreement and undertake to abide by all the terms and conditions set out herein before.

Area Statement

1)   Stilt floor construction area                 : 2000 Sqft

2)   Ground floor construction area: 2000 Sqft

3)   First floor construction area: 2000 Sqft

4)   Second floor construction area: 2000 Sqft

5)   Third floor construction area: 2000 Sqft

6)   Head room construction area:172 Sqft

Total building construction area: 10,172 Sqft

Construction cost per Sq. ft                  : Rs 2500 /-

Total cost of building construction: Rs.2,54,30,000/-

(Two  crore fifty four lakh thirty thousand Rupees only)

Schedule of Work

a.) Stilt floor (Car Parking) &Foundation (RAFT)

Ref Structural Drawing for Size

1. Earthwork

2. Raft slab

3. Raft Beam

4. RCC wall all around building

5. Flooring (RCC)

b.) Ground and  First  Floor (commercial Purpose)

Ref Structural Drawing for Size

  1. RCC column, Beam& Slab
  2. Brick work (All around)
  3. Plastering
  4. Wall putty & painting

c.) Second and third Floor (commercial Purpose)

Ref Structural Drawing for Size

  1. RCC column, Beam& SlaB
  2. Brick work (All around& Partition)
  3. Plastering
  4. Wall putty & painting
  5. Wood work
  6. Grill work
  7. Sanitary fittings
  1. Electrical work
  2. Plumbing



  1. ACC53 Grade cement to be used
  2. 20mm blue metal for RCC concrete in Cement Concrete (CC) 1:1.5:3
  3. 40mm blue metal for PCC concrete in CC 1:3:6.
  4. Tata Tiscon steelto be used for all steel requirements. Gauge: 12mm, 20mm, 16mm, 10mm and 8mm.
  5. Brick work in Cement Mortar (CM) 1:6 using 1st quality country bricks (23cm X 12cm X 7cm)
  6. Weathering coarse of 15cm thickness in Lime Mortar (LM) 1:2:4
  7. Ceiling cement plastering work in CM 1:3.
  8. Inner walls cement plastering work in CM 1:4.
  9. Outer walls cement plastering work in CM 1:4 using water proof chemical.
  10. Parapet wall 90cm high from finished terrace floor.
  11. One Wall Cupboard with shelving and loft in each Bedroom.
  12. Ceiling height to be at 10’3” from floor finish level.
  13. Only front elevation works included in this contract. Other 3 sides elevation work at additional costs.
  14. Terrace grill gates to be fixed.
  15. Bedroom inside cupboard with granite shelf.


  2. OldTeak wood to be used for window frames(4” x 3”), window shutters (3” X 1 1/2”) and door frames(4” x 3”), with brass steel hardware.
  3. 4mm Frosted Glass for all windows and ventilators
  4. Main door and frame to be in new Teak wood with brass hardwarenatural sealer finish.
  5. 30mm thick wooden flush doors for all internal doors.
  6. SS Imex hinges for windows for multi directional opening.
  7. SS handles for all window shutters
  8. Godrej Mortise locks for bed room doors
  9. Godrej Mortisefor bathroom and balcony doors
  10. Godrej Mortise Lock for the main door
  11. Door viewer for the main door
  12. All windows and ventilators to have grills made out of 12mm iron square bars and screwed to the window frames


  2. Flooring: Cement flooring(Auroville type)
  3. Bath room Tiles:Ceramic tiles upto ceiling (upto Rs.60/- per sq. ft.)
  4. Kitchen: Counter top in 18mm black granite
  5. 60 cm wide, all edges will be half-round polished.
  6. Kitchen Tiles: Ceramic Tiles above the counteruptowindow top level (upto Rs.80/- per sq. ft.)
  7. Bathroom: Wash basin counter top in granite
  8. Terrace (roof): Flooring in Terracota tiles (upto Rs. 20/- per sq. ft.)
  9. Staircase and Kitchen counter granite to be with double nosing.


  2. CPVC pipes for all internal plumbing (hot and cold water).
  3. All soil pipes to be in 5” PVC pipes.
  4. All waste water pipes to be 2.5” Finolex PVC pipes and fittings will be used.
  5. Underground tank of 10,000 L capacity with tile work.
  6. Two numbers of  2000L  RCC overhead tank with tile work.
  7. One submersible 1 HP motor.
  8. All taps will be of Jaguar Brand.
  9. All sanitary wares will be from Parryware in standard model.
  10. One Tap in one of the balconies.
  11. Cost of sewage line and drinking water line from the Municipality to be borne by the Owner.


  2. All switches and sockets are Le Grand Mylinc series.
  3. Cost of 3 Phase electricity connection with panel box to borne by the Owner
  4. Electrical cables from RR kabel  or Havells.
  5. One window type distribution box with MCBs of standard quality
  6. Each bedroom:
  • 1 fan point
  • 2 light points
  • 1 TV point
  • 1 A/C point
  • 1 Telephone point
  • (fan and 1 light will be a 2 way switch)
  • 6 5A sockets
  1. Each bathroom:
  • 2 light points
  • 1 Geyser point
  • 1 5A socket
  1. Kitchen:      
  • 2 light points
  • 1 fan point
  • 2 15A sockets
  • 5 5A sockets
  1. Living and Dining:
  • 2 fan points
  • 4 light points
  • 1 TV point
  • 6 5A sockets
  • 1 telephone point
  • 1 A/C point
  1. Study:  
  • 1 fan point
  • 1 TV point
  • 1 telephone point
  • 2 5A sockets
  1. Balcony + Entrance: 
  • 1 Bell
  • 4 light points
  • 2 5A sockets
  1. One Inverter Point
  2. Only provisions for TV, Phone, CCTV Camera and internet.
  3. Provisions for UPS and Generator with cabling.
  4. Lift cost not included.


  2. Painting of inner walls to be with 2 coats of putty, 1 coat primer and 2 coats of Royal Shine emulsion paint (Asian brand)
  3. Doors  will be polishedwith Melamine finish
  4. Windows will be polished on both sides.
  5. External walls will be painted with 1 oat JK white washing and 2 coats of exterior paint Apex Ultima, Asian brand


  2. Granite counter in 18mm thickness
  3. 1 no Single bowl – single drain board sink (Franke or Jayna) with a swivel tap (Jaguar)
  4. Provision for washing machine
  5. Provision for Aqua Guard
  6. Under counter shelving to be provided


  1. BATHROOMS (identical items for both bathrooms)
  2. One wall mounted EWC
  3. One wash basin (Parryware / Hindware) on granite counter
  4. Ceramic Tiles
  5. One mixer, one shower, one health faucet and one hot/cold tap for washbasin all from Jaguar
  6. Provision for geyser


This Agreement shall commence from the date of this Agreement and will end         12 months or date of completion of the project whichever is earlier.


(a)  Advance   _________of Building cost

(b) Completion of Project uptoFoundation   ____ of Building cost

(c) Completion of Stilt floor roof   _____ of Building cost

(d) Completion of Ground floor roof   ____ of Building cost

(e) Completion of First floor roof _____ of Building cost

(f) Completion of Second floor roof ____ of Building cost

(g) Completion of Third floor roof _____ of Building cost

(h) Completion of total Project _____ of Building cost

( During Construction, If any Advance amount  required will be intimated by the contractor to client and that amount will be deducted in a next payment stage)

IN WITHNESS WHEREOF the parties herein have set their respective hands and affixed their signature to this deed of Memorandum of Agreement on this the day, month and year first above written.


Building owner                                                                                                                  Contractor




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