Importance of stress management among self-employed professionals

Importance of stress management among self-employed professionals

Yash Gupta

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Often it is assumed by many that a self-employed professional is a very happy person, free from every tension, and is always enjoying his independence, but this is not true. Every self-employed professional is a one-man army of his own business managing everything from toe to head by himself with tremendous pressure from their clients and stress of his loss & profits, compliances & competition from big corporates having many departments with numerous staff. Due to this very fact, they are always left underpaid and treated like a sympathy seeker in society or even their own family.

Let us understand what is stress so that we can manage it better. Stress is defined as a state of mental or emotional strain caused by adverse circumstances. It can also be defined as the feeling of being overwhelmed or unable to cope with mental or emotional pressure. It can have mental and physical consequences. At one point or another, most people deal with feelings of stress. In fact, one study from 2015 found that 59% of adults reported experiencing high levels of perceived stress.

Stress can cause a wide variety of symptoms, including decreased energy, insomnia, etc. The physical symptoms of chronic stress are varied & vast and can include acne, headaches, rapid heartbeat, sweating, changes in appetite, digestive issues, chronic pain, and more frequent infections or bouts of sickness. Because stress can be caused by a variety of issues and symptoms can vary from person to person, treating it depends on personal factors.

However, certain lifestyle changes, like exercising, taking breaks from the 24-hour news cycle, and talking with friends or trusted advisors may provide some relief. Some of the following ways reduce a lower than usual stress level, temporarily: Music, Yoga, meditation, Humour, Physical Exercise, Spending time in nature, spending quality time with pets, reading novels, etc…

If anyone claims to be stress-free, then either they are lying or have already adopted some hobby like mentioned above to manage their lifestyle. Depression and Suicide are the results of excessive stress that are not timely managed. It is often considered that discipline is only key to stress management but in a few past years, this is also proven to be wrong. Also, one who believes he is living tension-free and is always enjoying in nature with music and all his favorite hobby is also observed to have undergone depression and other forms of stress.

So, everyone faces a different level of stress at a different time of their life, but the only requirement is to analyze the moment, step out to meet family & friends, make new friends, get involved in social activities, and most importantly, try to bring a smile to a face who is unknown to you. This will definitely work as a booster and your stress will have vanished within seconds as the moments spent without expecting anything in return are best medicines to calm the mind and release the stress.

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